Fiona is a yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer and sound practitioner who is
passionate about holding space for people to explore, release, restore and heal. Offering heart felt practices, Fiona has always felt a calling to help people heal but was unsure of how she would best be of service. She has always been intrigued with spirituality, alternative therapies and crystals, but Fiona’s self-discovery journey truly began when she rediscovered yoga after the birth of her third child.

It was during that first class where she knew she had finally found her true path. Yoga has enriched her life immensely and she is passionate about sharing the incredible healing benefits the practice offers both on and off the mat. 

Fascinated by the transformation yoga and holistic healing therapies can facilitate, Fiona enjoys continually studying and reading to deepen her personal practice and to be able to share these gifts with her students.

Fiona’s offerings include Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness, Energy Healing and Sound Healing. 

Enjoy Fiona’s calming, gentle nature and light-hearted classes, which provide a safe, nurturing space where students can immerse themselves into their
practice. Join Fiona and be supported to cultivate a deeper connection to yourself, to live more consciously and blissfully and live your life from the heart.